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Chief of Academics

Chief of Academics

“Every child has the potential to transform the world for good. We are here to fuel their fire with our dedication.”
Dr. Pavan K Samba is a medical graduate with over 25 years of extensive and qualitative experience in teaching and administration. His inspiring journey as an educator began at the tender age of 17 when, as an aspiring student of medicine, he recognized the need for a strong educational foundation that’s accessible to all. Over the next two and a half decades, Dr. Samba successfully nurtured the potential of thousands of students at Matrusri and Narayana Educational Institutions.

His phenomenal contributions in the field of education have earned him several accolades over the years. The most significant of them being “The Educationist of the Year – 2019” award by IMT at the House of Commons, British Parliament, London (UK). Dr. Samba’s intellectual aura, inspirational words, and insurmountable experience make him one of the most incredible educators of this generation.

Dr. Pavan K Samba

Chief of Academics, DSGS