Our Standards

At DSGS, we set the highest standards of comfort, safety and hygiene to ensure that our students have the ideal learning environment to be nurtured. The school has an established set of protocols that the staff strictly follows to make such a learning environment possible.


DSGS provides highly safe and secure environments in both the play and learning zones for students. The hazard-free environment is secured by trained and skilled professional security guards and staff who are prepared for any emergency.


The well-lit, ventilated, and spacious classrooms keep the students energized throughout the day. The bright and colorful spaces have been well planned to ensure that the fun factor in students’ learning and play environment is always present.


The thoughtfully designed infrastructure ensures that the three most important elements of a learning environment, namely, aesthetically designed spaces, child-friendliness, and functionality are permanently embedded into the school. In addition, the optimum teacher to children ratio is also maintained at all times.


DSGS believes that parents play a significant role in the development of their children. Thus, the school consistently partners with parents to understand the needs of their children through constant interactions and involvement.


The school campus is regularly sanitized to ensure that the students always have the safest learning environment to learn and thrive.

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