Building A Fitter Tomorrow At DSGS Sports Academy



"It’s not whether you win or lose, It’s how you play the game.” - Grantland Rice.

Sports, physical education and fitness are an integral part of education, as they ensure complete development of the mind and body. Sports is indispensable in holistic personality development as it teaches discipline and perseverance and cultivates competence and excellence. Physical education not only advances the motor skills of the child but also sharpens his/her focus, concentration and presence of mind.

Sports as a hobby ensures that children’s free time is utilised in a productive manner. It prevents unhealthy distractions and helps them challenge and improve their abilities. DSGS Sports academy provides an excellent opportunity to engage in quality sports and physical education.

Sports is an excellent way to help a child stop procrastinating and encourage them to pursue their aspirations. It motivates them to eat healthy and is beneficial in preventing child obesity. One learns sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence and resilience by playing sports. It boosts goal-oriented behaviour and competitiveness without breaking rules. It improves children’s social skills as it provides an excellent platform for them to interact with each other, form meaningful bonds and promote team spirit and solidarity.

It is our responsibility to secure gender parity in sports. Girls have the power to shatter gender stereotypes, become leaders and close the gender gap in society through sports. At DSGS, we consistently work towards ensuring there are as many female athletes as their male counterparts. We are bringing a new era in women’s sports by training our girls represent our nation

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