About Us

Founded by Sai Kadari Educational Society, Deccan Springs Global School aims to revolutionise education by recognizing and nurturing each child's unique potential. The management is committed to offering students and educators the necessary tools and infrastructure for a holistic learning experience that adapts to today's environment.

In our ever-changing world, the digital age is expanding our horizons at an unprecedented pace. At Deccan Springs Global School, we are pioneering an educational revolution that embraces the digital age through innovative teaching methods to prepare the next generations for what lies ahead.

Our Approach

We combine traditional and modern learning for a future-focused, holistic education. We adapt to the changing world, integrating relevant advancements, while emphasising the importance of a strong value system.

Our approach balances ethics and contemporary needs, shaping each year as a milestone in every child's progress. We nurture the future of this world by channelling the energies of students in a productive direction.

Our Vision

To transform our students into ideal citizens of the future by exploring the unique capabilities of each student through the right kind of physical, intellectual, and social simulations coupled with modern teaching methods and mediums.

Our Mission

To provide students with the guidance, knowledge, infrastructure, technology, and expertise needed to take on the modern world channel their energies in the right direction.

Our People

Dr. Pavan K Samba
Chief of Academics, Deccan Springs Global School
Dr. Pavan K Samba, a medical graduate with over 27 years of extensive and qualitative experience in teaching and administration, embarked on his educational journey at just 17. His vision for accessible education led him to nurture the potential of thousands of students, over the next two and a half decades, at Matrusri and Narayana Educational Institutions.

His phenomenal educational contributions garnered numerous accolades over the years. The most significant of them are - the “Educationist of the Year - 2019” award by IMT at the House of Commons, British Parliament, London (UK) and the “Educationist of the Year -2022” award at the World Hindi Secretariat, Phoenix, Mauritius. Dr. Samba's intellectual prowess, inspirational guidance, and vast experience make him an extraordinary educator of our time.
Ms. Suma Menon
Principal, Deccan Springs Global School
Ms. Suma Menon, MA in English and Project Planning Management is a seasoned educator leading Deccan Springs Global School. With over 27 years of experience as a teacher, mentor, and academic leader, she has passionately guided countless students to focus their energies, explore their potential, and achieve their goals. As the principal of Deccan Springs Global School, she is dedicated to advancing our mission of nurturing the future through her extensive managerial and academic expertise.

Our Standards

Safety & Security
We prioritise the safety and security of our students in both play and learning areas. Our hazard-free environment is overseen by adept professional staff and security guards, fully equipped to handle any emergency.
Learning Spaces
Our well-lit, ventilated, and spacious classrooms provide an energetic atmosphere throughout the day. These bright and colourful spaces are thoughtfully designed to ensure that the element of fun is always present in the learning environment.
Student Comfort
Our meticulously planned infrastructure ensures the permanent integration of three crucial elements in a learning environment: aesthetically designed spaces, child-friendliness, and functionality. Furthermore, we maintain an optimal teacher-to-student ratio at all times.
Highest Standards
of Hygiene
The school campus undergoes regular sanitization to guarantee that students always have the safest learning environment to excel and flourish.
Parent Partnerships
We strongly believe that parents play a pivotal role in their children's development. Therefore, we maintain an ongoing partnership with parents, engaging in regular interactions and involving them in understanding and addressing their children's needs.

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