Our 'Beyond the Classroom' programme embodies our commitment to education that transcends traditional learning.
& Play
This component of the programme caters to EXPLORERS, emphasising joy, happiness, and play in the secure Fun Room.
We develop essential social skills like etiquette, communication, language proficiency, habits, empathy, time management, teamwork, and leadership in each student.
Beyond Textbooks
We prioritise holistic student development with an extensive library offering diverse resources, including encyclopaedias, periodicals, newspapers, and international journals.
Exploring The
Digital World
In today’s digital age, computer literacy is crucial for tomorrow's innovators. Our lab equips students to explore this vital realm, paving the way for future pioneers.
Hands-on &
Minds-on Learning
Our STEAM lab fosters immersive, hands-on learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, emphasising real-world applications in daily life.
Applications of Science
Science involves testing theories through experiments and observations, not just theory absorption. Our labs are vital for this process. We blend classroom teaching with lab work for a comprehensive grasp of scientific concepts.
Beyond academics, we prioritise student’s physical strength and mental well-being. Our Yoga and Meditation program promotes holistic development, fostering balance in mind, body, and soul.
Academic &
Metamorphic Catalysts
Music and dance go beyond fun; they're tools for academic and life success. Our programme teaches these arts and boosts brain function, communication, expression, physical skills, and creativity.
Spotlight On
Amazing Talent
We discover and nurture each student's talent with utmost attention in our amphitheatre, celebrating the art of expression through speech and drama.
Life Skills Training
Our Life Skills Training grooms students into future leaders, emphasising skills like public speaking etc. This confidence-building is integral to academic growth.
Sports & Games
We prioritise sports for holistic child development, emphasising teamwork, focus, discipline, and companionship. Sports are integrated into our curriculum, so students have access to a wide range of facilities.
Community Service
We integrate community service into our curriculum, imparting valuable skills like leadership, problem-solving, collaboration, time management, and communication while connecting learning to real-life experiences.
Trips & Expeditions
Trips and expeditions offer multi-sensory learning, engaging all senses. They enrich learning, promote culture, and foster social development.

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